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dangshan town ,xiaoshan district ,hangzhou city zhejiang hangzhou China [CN]
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Victory sanitary. We provide different sanitary ware ,such as glass sink, vessel sink, ceramic sink, ceramic basin ,bathroom cabinet ,glass vanity and so on.. Even now machinery production process have substituted hand craft production process. but our company still remain committed to artistic style of hand craft, so that our products embody China’s culture
The decoration photos in our products are completely painted and engraved by our designer. And the art ceramic basins burned in 1300 degree temperature. so these products never fade for ever and durably use .We flexibly use Kiln integrated arts color, With a personalized blend with the traditional concept of the sanitary ware traditional Chinese style and modern classic combination of home decoration is even more fashionable .Our goal is that” family is full of love .and art which beautify our life’” You would appoint basin with follow hole or without follow hole. Different size with pillar. and mirror frame counter, if you have need , pls contact with us .

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