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Hot selling cable wire granulator
Posting date : May 27, 2022
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As the name suggests, cable wire granulator is used to recycle the used scrap copper cable wires, so as to obtain the copper and plastic inside. It adopts dry type physical separation method to separate copper from plastic and equips with dust removal system, no using fire, water, or chemical solution, which is a totally environmental friendly machine.

Working process of cable wire granulator:

From the above 3D working process, we can know that the working process of cable wire granulator is shredding, crushing, air separation, vibrating sieving and electrostatic separation. Through a series of this process, copper and plastic will be separated with the separation rate of 99%. There is no plastic in copper, and no copper in plastic. The separated copper has high purity and good quality, which has a good selling market, like selling directly, ingot melting, electrolysis, etc.

Raw materials of cable wire granulator:

Actually, Henan Doing's cable wire granulator can process many waste cable wires, like automobile electrical route and car bottom lines, motorcycle electric wires, computer case lines and communication wires, industrial cables, household square lines, etc. It can be said that it can process all kinds of scrap cable wires.

Parameter of cable wire granulator:

Due to the amount of raw materials collected by different people, the production capacity of cable wire granulator is also large and small.

 Capacity (kg/h)

 Overall Dimension

 Power (kw)

Weight (kg)

 Recovery Rate

 150-200kg/h (DY-400)






 200-300kg/h (DY-600)




 300-400kg/h (DY-800)




 1000kg/h (DY-1000)




In fact, except the above processing capacity, Henan Doing's cable wire granulator also has the processing capacity of 2000kg/h and 4000kg/h. If you have larger processing capacity needs, Doing's engineer team can customize a proper processing capacity according to your needs.

Uses scrap copper cable recycling machine has the advantages of automatic process, stable performance, easy for operating, high recycling rate, environmental protection, which will be your best choice to start copper cable recycling business. Quickly to contact us!

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