Always adheres to 3 insists, the quality of AAK hydraulic valves should not only be the first but also the only

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Always adheres to 3 insists, the quality of AAK hydraulic valves should not only...
Posting date : May 28, 2022
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At AAK monthly hydraulic valve summary meeting, my first requirement for hydraulic valve technicians and workshop directors in various posts is that the quality of hydraulic valves needs to be good, and must be good. At least, our hydraulic valves must be benchmarked with domestic first-line hydraulic brands. Benchmarking or surpassing the first-line brands of international hydraulic valves is our mission. Whoever messes up the job will lose his job.


If a product with poor quality is "packaged" into a great product, the heart will be extremely distorted and uncomfortable, which will be condemned by God. Especially in manufacturing, this is life-threatening.


I think the only customer-centered requirement for the production of hydraulic valves is quality. Within the scope of my manufacturing ability, to make the quality of hydraulic valves to the extreme that I can do is to really focus on customers, no any other rhetoric. I have another understanding of the quality of hydraulic valves, that is, not excessive, because excessive quality is also a waste. For example, if the market needs 90 points of hydraulic valve, you can achieve 95 points. If you have to do 99 points of hydraulic valves, this may be excessive.


Now the internal involution of hydraulic valves is very strong. Most hydraulic valve manufacturers are thinking about how to reduce costs and prices, and finally compete with low prices. This is the routine of most small bosses. Everyone focuses on the crazy competition on the same track without thinking about how to make a high-end market with high quality in the positioning of high-quality hydraulic valves. I think this is the sadness of the hydraulic valve manufacturing industry.


Because of the impact of the epidemic, most hydraulic valve manufacturers choose to tighten, even the cost of hydraulic valve technician training has been tightened, thinking that hundreds of thousands or millions will be saved. In fact, this is short-sighted. Once the epidemic is over, all markets will rebound explosively. AAK hydraulic valves adhere to the monthly quality meeting, technician training, quarterly R & D expenses and annual equipment upgrading expenses. I think this is wise and necessary.


AAK hydraulic valve is to concentrate all elements and use the sharp knife of quality to be the first in subdividing the vertical field of hydraulic valves. It is not only the first, but also the only. This is my purpose of producing hydraulic valves. Hydraulic valve manufacturers must not focus on multitasking. Focus on only one may not quickly open the market quickly, not to mention focus on 2 or 3 tasks, which is a fatal mistake.


AAK hydraulic valves, in terms of quality, should not only be the first, but also the only. You are welcome to have a small try. 

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