AAK hydraulic valve has a bench department without KPI, but it is a special team in my heart

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AAK hydraulic valve has a bench department without KPI, but it is a special team...
Posting date : Jul 30, 2023
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Generally, "big factories", such as Alibaba and Google, have a special department called Research Institute. AAK hydraulic valve also has a similar department, but it is called bench department. This department has no short-term KPI and no KPI catch-up. Like an engineer's paradise, AAK hydraulic valve engineers dare to keep trying and optimizing with such an environment.


In AAK hydraulic valve, the sales department makes today's money, the production department makes tomorrow's money, and the bench department makes the day after tomorrow's money. Conversely, the bench department is wasting today's money, spending tomorrow's money to do development for the sake of AAK hydraulic valve strategy and the future of AAK hydraulic valve, although the future is not clear, in my mind, they are the "special team" of AAK hydraulic valve.


Making high-quality hydraulic valves can only be driven by technology. A combat team composed of several people can anchor and conquer a technical direction. The subdivided STG (Special Technology Group) focuses on innovative solutions for hydraulic valves. There has never been a shortcut or a fast track for the scientific research of hydraulic valves. Only when we settle down to do things, can we make every step steady. The reason why science and technology in this world can be developed is precisely because of the engineers' persistence, which is a long-termism and a bench spirit.


AAK hydraulic valve is used in aircraft. It sounds very powerful. But it's really hard to do. Sometimes you can't see the way. Sometimes, there are many roads in front of you. Fortunately, AAK hydraulic valve chose the right path. Even if the road is tortuous, even if the road is very hard. But the right way is never far away. The bench Department of AAK hydraulic valve has to make a hard hit on this road every day. Diligence is a way to explore talents and a necessary condition for success.


AAK engineers have experienced for many years. It is not difficult to combine, mutate and graft some hydraulic valve structures to create some new hydraulic valves. Instead of making some so-called patents that can't create any value for no reason, it's better to use your limited life to do something that can leave a mark on this beautiful planet. At that time, when I am old to die, on my deathbed, I will think that I have lived for so many years and made so many devices to run on the earth, which is enough to make me smile in the underworld.


Bless the engineers of AAK hydraulic valve. May you have the bench spirit to conquer one mountain after another. I also wish AAK hydraulic valve a happy journey.


AAK hydraulic valves, the right way, never afraid of far.


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