The American factory could not produce the valve element with inclined hole, and AAK hydraulic relief valve succeeded after two trials

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The American factory could not produce the valve element with inclined hole, and...
Posting date : Jun 28, 2022
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Janice, from Canada, wants to purchase 600 hydraulic relief valves. The core difficulty of this hydraulic relief valve lies in the processing of valve elements. Most factories can only bemoan their inadequacy for the valve elements with inclined holes and included angles. The American hydraulic relief valve manufacturer who has been cooperating with Janice has failed 4 times in 30 days and had to surrender. Janice found more than 20 hydraulic relief valve manufacturers online and offline, at home and abroad, but they either replied that there was no time for sampling or no response. Janice has been tossing about for a week and is a little frustrated.


Pablo, an old customer of AAK, after learning about Janice's procurement problems, suggested that she send the hydraulic relief valve drawing to AAK for a try. Pablo also specially wrote me an email to ask AAK to help Janice. I am willing to try to solve such a difficult problem of hydraulic relief valve. Once it is solved, I have won the admiration of two people at the same time. 


According to the hydraulic relief valve drawing sent by Janice, except for the valve core, other requirements are also conventional. The valve core of this hydraulic relief valve is different from the conventional straight hole valve core, which is marked in the drawing Φ4- Φ3.7mm inclined hole, and the axis line of the Φ3.7mm hole forms an included angle of 60 ° with the axis of the valve core parts. It is difficult and requires high precision in the clamping and positioning process of hole processing. The hydraulic relief valve manufacturers without high-precision equipment and over 15 years old technicians will fail even if they try to make samples for 100 times.


AAK technical team discussed for 2 days, and they were 70% confident that the sample would be successful. Although Janice is a little disappointed, it is also the best news she has received recently. She is in urgent need of this hydraulic relief valve. AAK has been brainstorming for 2 weeks, constantly changing the material of the hydraulic relief valve core, adjusting the process parameters, and sending the hydraulic relief valve sample for the first time. After 5 days, Janice informed that there was an error of 0.1% in the inclined hole of the hydraulic relief valve spool. AAK carried out the second hydraulic relief valve sample and optimized the process again on the high-precision turning milling composite locomotive to improve the accuracy of the inclined hole. A few days after AAK's second hydraulic relief valve sample was sent, Janice sent an e-mail. The American manufacturer spent 4 weeks on this hydraulic relief valve, but all 4 samples failed. She tossed and turned for a week and failed to find a hydraulic relief valve manufacturer that dared to make samples. However, AAK succeeded in 2 proofing within 2 - 3 weeks.


AAK high-precision turning milling compound machine tool is the core of the success of the sample. This machine tool is equipped with upper and lower tool towers. The main shaft can be 360 ° indexed. The upper shaft is the milling main shaft, with a rotation angle of 225° and 40 tools. At the same time, it can complete the machining of axial hole, radial hole, inclined hole drilling and reaming, inclined groove and tapping under one-time clamping. The key to the success of AAK sample is our old technician, who has 32 years of practical operation experience. With specially assigned person and special machine, AAK has unique skills in turning and milling compound machine tools.


AAK hydraulic relief valve, valve element with inclined hole and included angle can also be produced. You can also have a small try! 

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