Hydraulic manifold problem that has not been solved for 2 years, and there is no complaint for 1 year after using AAK sample

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Hydraulic manifold problem that has not been solved for 2 years, and there is no...
Posting date : Aug 01, 2022
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Pasternak is the purchasing manager of a Russian hydraulic equipment company. The hydraulic equipment they sold 2 years ago could not be disassembled after 1 year and was requested for after-sales service. During the annual maintenance, it was found that the relief valve hole on the hydraulic manifold was blocked, but the valve was just installed under the motor, and the clearance was less than 3cm. It was difficult to disassemble, so they had to contact the equipment supplier and complained about the improper design of the hydraulic manifold, also unwilling to pay maintenance fees. The after-sales engineer spent 2 weeks to complete the cleaning of the whole hydraulic manifold. Pasternak thought of a customer complainted last month that the hydraulic system pressure was abnormal, but the hydraulic components were normal after inspection. Pasternak realized that there may be problems in the design of hydraulic manifold. If it is not solved, there will be more and more complaints later, and the unlucky one is still him. The original hydraulic manifold manufacturer was not sure where the design deviation was. Pasternak asked more than 10 hydraulic manifold manufacturers, and there was no substantive feedback.


Pasternak saw an article about hydraulic manifold of AAK on B2B: Innovative hydraulic manifold design and manufacturing, AAK has no rival in use and maintenance. He sent an email directly to AAK and provided their system schematic diagram and hydraulic manifold design drawings. After analysis, AAK engineers found that the problem really lies in the design of hydraulic manifold. The reasons are as follows: the design of the oil passage direction increases the volume of the valve block, and also causes the loss of oil circuit pressure pipe. At the same time, the selection of hydraulic valves and their installation position on the hydraulic manifold are not optimal. We can redesign the hydraulic manifold and test samples to ensure that the system pressure is stable and the maintenance is simple and convenient.


Pasternak realized that perhaps only AAK could help him and paid $2,000 for the development. 1 month later, AAK sent 3 hydraulic manifold samples. 2 weeks later, Pasternak said that the size of AAK hydraulic manifold has been reduced, the installation is convenient, and the hydraulic manifold function is not affected. Last week, Pasternak sent a new inquiry about hydraulic manifold and told me that there had been no customer complaints about unstable pressure in AAK hydraulic manifold samples. Now as long as it was an inquiry about hydraulic manifold, he would email me at the first time. AAK hydraulic manifold is not only smaller than the original design, but also convenient to install, which solves the problem that plagued Pasternak for more than 2 years. There are no complaints in use and maintenance. The customer is satisfied and the boss is happy.


Do not be even a little careless in hydraulic manifold design. We first need to determine the selection of components on the hydraulic manifold according to the hydraulic schematic diagram, and draw the sub schematic diagram and three-dimensional model corresponding to the valve block. Secondly, according to the requirements of hydraulic manifold pipe laying, make the overall layout of each component, determine the optimal positions of oil inlet, working port, oil return port, external leakage and external control port, prevent the installation of more than 3 surfaces, especially under the valve block, and determine the size of the valve block according to the maximum overall dimension of the valve preliminarily. Finally, the oil passage on the valve block is designed according to the size and positioning size of the oil port on each valve, so that the internal oil passage is optimally arranged and the pressure loss of the oil passage is minimized.


Pasternak told me privately that he would be promoted to purchasing director next month.


AAK hydraulic manifold, innovative hydraulic manifold design and manufacturing, AAK has no rival in use and maintenance, you can also have a small try! 


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