Automotive high-voltage cables that meet performance requirements

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Automotive high-voltage cables that meet performance requirements
Posting date : Aug 03, 2022
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The internal transmission current of automotive high-voltage cables is very small, and the requirements for the internal metal wires are not high, but the voltage through them is relatively high, usually around tens of thousands of volts. Therefore, the requirements for external insulation are high. If the insulation material is aging, or if other insulation materials are aging, this can cause damage to the insulation system. The following briefly introduces a few emphasis points of Aumig cables about automotive high-voltage cables.

General cable manufacturers about automotive high-voltage cables have several emphasis points.

Automotive high-voltage cables belong to fixed laying, the diameter bending radius of each point is small; automotive high-voltage cables are highly heat-resistant, the higher the heat resistance, the greater the current-carrying capacity, the starting point is 125 degrees, silicone rubber is 180 degrees, chlorine rubber is 200 degrees.

In order not to affect the communication and control functions of automotive high-voltage cables, the requirements for electromagnetic interference are also very high, and must comply with automotive electromagnetic compatibility standards. Different size requirements for automotive high-voltage cables are limited by space and strict size requirements, however, the smaller the size the better, is to facilitate the laying of automotive high-voltage cables.

Among other things, OMG cable manufacturers are rigorous in their research and development and production of high-voltage cable performance requirements. Product features: soft, bending radius up to 5D or less; high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, anti-cracking, UV resistance; good flame retardant performance; good electrical conductivity, conductor temperature rise is small; all materials comply with RoHS 2.0 environmental standards.

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