For the hydraulic pressure control valve with 4 precision requirements, it took Hannelore 4 months to know that only AAK can do it

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For the hydraulic pressure control valve with 4 precision requirements, it took ...
Posting date : Aug 05, 2022
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Hannelore came from Demag hydraulic company in Germany and started to work in Shanghai branch at the beginning of the previous year. I don't have much contact with the Shanghai office. Frankly speaking, I'm not very good at dealing with these offices with Chinese people. These people are unprofessional and backseat drivers, they also need kickbacks. I hate kickbacks in business. In August last year, Hannelore asked whether AAK was willing to cooperate with them to develop a high-precision hydraulic pressure control valve, and attached the drawings and working condition requirements. After several rounds of email communication, I learned that they were in big trouble with this hydraulic pressure control valve, which made him irritable.


They have a hydraulic injection molding machine to be promoted at the exhibition in October. This high-precision hydraulic injection molding machine has very high requirements for the accuracy of its core components. The accuracy requirements for the hydraulic pressure control valve used have been strictly refined in 4 aspects. The boss asked Hannelore to find a manufacturer of hydraulic pressure control valves with high quality. After a round of inquiry, only two factories were willing to try samples, and the others said that the accuracy requirement was unbearable. Two months later, the samples from the two hydraulic pressure control valve manufacturers were tested. Unfortunately, there was still a deviation in the accuracy, but both manufacturer was unwilling to try again. In other words, his busy more than two months were in vain, and the boss was already very unhappy.


After analyzing the drawing of the hydraulic pressure control valve, AAK engineers found that the 4 accuracy requirements are more than twice that of the standard hydraulic pressure control valves. At the same time, the diameter of the blind hole in the valve body is only 5mm, but the depth needs to be 50mm long, it is very thin and extremely deep. During the processing process, the tool cannot pass through the hole completely, and the inner hole is easy to cause radial deformation, and the axial taper requirement is 1:45, and the ovality cannot be greater than 0.01mm, this accuracy is too difficult to control. No wonder all of those manufacturers have surrendered. After 3 days of study and research, AAK technical team informed that the samples of hydraulic pressure control valve could be sent after 40 days. Hannelore emailed me the bank slip of the development fee the next day, and stressed that AAK must find a way to deal with it, otherwise he was very afraid of the boss's outbreak.


Two weeks after the sample was sent, his email came. AAK hydraulic pressure control valve passed the accuracy test, and the test result on the machine was good. Their team was confident that it would sell well at the exhibition. After the exhibition ended in October, Hannelore placed the order for 1,000 hydraulic pressure control valves. Hannelore privately informed that the equipment had sold well, and the boss's cold look at him turned into a happy face. After 4 months of anxiety, he could finally relax. 


The reason why we did what our peers all surrendered is that there are 3 points:


1. The production process of hydraulic pressure control valve is set up with ingenious tricks, including drilling, reaming, coarse reaming, fine reaming, hole cutting, and calibration, changing the speed, adjusting the accuracy coefficient, eliminating the bell mouth of blind hole and strictly control the surface roughness.


2. Use the Swiss high-precision machine tool and the bladed reamer to cut the hole, and the roughness of the blind hole reaches Ra value of 0.2-0.4 μm. The ovality circle error is 0.01-0.02mm, the taper error is 0.01-0.025mm, and the dimensional accuracy of the hole can be controlled within 1μm.


3. Before machining, the accuracy of each axis of the machine tool is tested, including positioning accuracy, repeated positioning accuracy and reverse positioning accuracy. After obtaining the test data, the accuracy is compensated. Most hydraulic valve manufacturers ignore this small detail. 


AAK hydraulic pressure control valve, benchmarking the accuracy of international first-line brands, you can also have a small try! 

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