Triple guaranteed AAK hydraulic pressure control valve helped Italian customer tested the machine successfully

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Triple guaranteed AAK hydraulic pressure control valve helped Italian customer t...
Posting date : Sep 27, 2022
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Lawrence is from Italy. He has been purchasing hydraulic components for quite a long time, and it is relatively smooth. In the second half of last year, when purchasing hydraulic pressure control valves with m precision valve spool, he encountered problem. Their company has developed a hydraulic shear with double cylinder steel structure. The adjustment of the blade clearance of the hydraulic system depends on the hydraulic pressure control valves, especially the precision of the valve spool should be controlled within 1μm. A hydraulic valve manufacturer that has cooperated for 5 years made the samples for this hydraulic pressure control valve, but the scissors clearance was not sensitive. The engineer found that the valve spool of hydraulic pressure control valve moved abnormally. The manufacturer of the hydraulic pressure control valves has no confidence in the improvement of the accuracy of the valve spool. 5 weeks wasted and Lawrence had to find a new hydraulic valve manufacturer. But 1 week later, only 1 manufacturer was willing to try samples, and he was only 70% confident. The engineer has pushed for several times, and Lawrence is worried. 


Lawrence found AAK Hydraulic Valve in Google and left us a message: valve spool accuracy 1μm hydraulic pressure control valves, how confident? I told him that AAK had produced 0.8μm valve spool. Lawrence immediately sent his drawing of hydraulic pressure control valve. I suggested direct sampling. Lawrence agreed and informed that there was another manufacturer to sample at the same time. 4 weeks later, AAK sent the hydraulic pressure control valve samples.


1 week later, Lawrence told AAK that the hydraulic pressure control valve had high sensitivity and solved the problem of abnormal scissors clearance. However, the samples from another manufacturer have the similar problem to that of the original manufacturer. Their hydraulic shear equipment is on the way to the exhibition. He wants to know how AAK can achieve the sensitivity that other manufacturers can not. AAK hydraulic pressure control valves, high precision, high sensitivity, due to 3 points:


1. On the equipment, the valve spool is processed by the full-automatic grinding machine of Japan long island Seiko. The surface of the processed valve spool is like a mirror, with an accuracy of 0.8μm, which provides a guarantee for the accuracy of the valve spool.


2. In terms of selection, 60Si2CrVA alloy steel pressure spring made in Japan is selected for this hydraulic pressure control valve. Its tensile and yield strength is at least 30% higher than that of high-end piano steel wire pressure spring, which provides a guarantee for sensitivity. 


3. In terms of detection, the German Diatest small pore diameter high-precision measuring instrument is used to detect the valve hole of each hydraulic pressure control valve to ensure the consistency of concentricity and provide a guarantee for sensitivity.


AAK hydraulic pressure control valves, triple guarantee, easy to use, long service life, you can also try a small order. 

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