No hydraulic valve manufacturer was willing to produce the hydraulic relief valve used in seawater. AAK solved the problem with 3-step adjustments

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No hydraulic valve manufacturer was willing to produce the hydraulic relief valv...
Posting date : Sep 28, 2022
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Caleb from Mexico, needs to purchase hydraulic relief valves suitable for seawater. Several local hydraulic relief valve suppliers dare not quote because of the uncertain working environment of seawater medium. Caleb had to try to find overseas manufacturers of the hydraulic relief valves. Perhaps because there is no overseas procurement base, there are few hydraulic valve manufacturers willing to cooperate, which makes Caleb helpless. When he almost gave up, his friend Ron learned his situation and suggested him to contact AAK Hydraulic Valve. Perhaps AAK can bring him an unexpected surprise.


After receiving an email from our old customer Ron, I learned about the dilemma that Caleb encountered on the purchase of the hydraulic relief valves. According to the hydraulic relief valve drawings and working environment instructions sent by him, I told him about the strong corrosiveness, low viscosity, high vaporization pressure and temperature difference of seawater. This hydraulic relief valve must be corrosion-resistant, impact resistant and highly sensitive. AAK shipped hydraulic valves for marine climate 3 years ago.


According to the specific requirements of the hydraulic relief valve, our engineer suggested to modify the original design. Caleb felt that AAK was different from other hydraulic relief valve manufacturers. Our 3-step adjustment scheme is as follows: 


1. Change raw materials and hydraulic components: replace conventional alloy steel with corrosion-resistant alloy engineering plastics. The valve spool material is 17-4PH, the valve cage material is PEEK, the valve body is 316L, and the spring is Ni36CrTiA1. Even if they are immersed in seawater all year round, they will not corrode for 365 days. 


2.  Add a damper to reduce the impact vibration of the valve. Because the density of seawater is large, but the compressibility and viscosity are small, its vibration and impact are more prominent than other media. Adding a damper can slow down and prolong the service life of the hydraulic relief valve by more than 30%.


3. The flat valve port is adopted to replace the original cone valve. Under the same pressure difference at the valve port and the same flow rate, the opening of the flat valve is smaller than that of the cone valve, thus improving the pressure regulation accuracy of the valve.


After receiving our suggestions, Caleb overturned his understanding of the hydraulic relief valve, and even thought that AAK was incredible. After verifying with Ron again, he realized that AAK was really different from other hydraulic valve manufacturers. Ron told him that either you believe in AAK or you don't waste time in Ningbo. Caleb paid the development fee with anxiety. 30 days later, that is, in the middle of last month, AAK sent out the samples of hydraulic relief valve. Today, we received the PO of hydraulic relief valves of US $6,600 from Caleb. In the email, he was excited to inform that the whole system has been running for 1 month with AAK hydraulic relief valves, and there is no abnormality. He also advised that AAK will be their only overseas hydraulic valve supplier.


AAK customized hydraulic relief valves, can be used in seawater for 365 days without problem. Welcome to try it! 

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