The service life of AAK hydraulic directional control valve with high pressure resistance of 380bar is twice that of its peers

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The service life of AAK hydraulic directional control valve with high pressure r...
Posting date : Sep 29, 2022
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At the beginning of the year, Torsten, an old customer of AAK, was in urgent need of 200 hydraulic directional control valves and specially emphasized delivery within 30 days. I felt Torsten was in big trouble. Torsten from the Netherlands has cooperated with AAK for 5 years. In case of trouble, basically, he consults me first. It turned out that their hydraulic pipe jacking machine was complained by customers half a year after sales. During construction, the equipment suddenly dropped. The problem was that the hydraulic directional control valve leaked, causing the hydraulic system not to maintain pressure. The manufacturer of the original hydraulic pressure directional control valves was willing to replace the faulty hydraulic directional control valves for free. However, there were more and more complaints later, and the manufacturer was helpless. The boss was very angry and requested Torsten to re source a reliable hydraulic valve manufacturer with a guarantee of more than 1 year service life. Torsten was under big pressure.


According to the hydraulic directional control valve drawing sent by Torsten, the pressure resistance is 380bar. The leakage of the original hydraulic directional control valve is caused by wear. If there is no wear, material selection is the key. Due to time constraints, Torsten did not ask AAK to make samples first, but directly produce 200 hydraulic directional control valves on-line. I think this should be Torsten's trust in AAK. After 30 days, AAK delivered 200 hydraulic directional control valves.


Yesterday, Torsten sent an e-mail to inform that it has been 7 months since the hydraulic pipe jacking machine installed with AAK hydraulic directional control valves, there is no complaint about equipment dropping. I replied to him: Don't worry. The service life of more than 1 year is the most basic line of AAK. Your boss will not criticize you any more. It is AAK's commitment to double the service life of peers.


AAK hydraulic directional control valves, pressure resistance 380bar, and no wear for more than 1 year. Our valve body is made of Japanese SCM415 chromium molybdenum steel alloy steel, whose mechanical properties are more than 70% stronger than those of similar materials. Then carburizing and heat treatment shall be carried out. The hardness of the valve body shall be more than HRC65, and the wear resistance shall be more than 3 times that of the general 45 steel to ensure no wear for more than 1 year. For the hydraulic directional control valves with high pressure resistance and service life of more than 1 year, the material selection is the key, but the carburization and heat treatment of the material are the core. The reason why most hydraulic valve manufacturers dare not use SCM415 chromium molybdenum steel alloy steel is not only the difficulty in processing, but also the inability to control carburization and heat treatment. There are unique skills here.


AAK hydraulic directional control valves, no leakage, no accident, you can also try it! 

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