For the valve hole accuracy 1μm hydraulic needle valve, although AAK is 20% more expensive, its service life is twice that of its peers

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For the valve hole accuracy 1μm hydraulic needle valve, although AAK is 20% more...
Posting date : Sep 30, 2022
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At the beginning of this year, Samuel asked by email about the production time of 1,000 hydraulic needle valves, He specially emphasized that the technical parameters of the hydraulic needle valves need to be the same as those samples made before, especially the valve hole accuracy must be 100% within 1μm or less. Samuel has been cooperating with AAK for 3 years. It is the first time that he deliberately emphasized as such in email. After communication, I learned that the hydraulic needle valves that AAK made samples for last time was 20% higher than that of other hydraulic valve manufacturers, so he placed the order with another manufacturer. However, now this batch of hydraulic needle valves have been complained by customers that the hydraulic winch is stuck. The root cause is that the accuracy of the hydraulic needle valve holes is uneven, and some are less than 1μm, and some higher than 1μm. After the original hydraulic needle valves were replaced by the manufacturer, complaints still continued. The boss was very dissatisfied with Samuel's purchase this time and asked him to source another hydraulic needle valve supplier.


Samuel can only get back to AAK, because the sample accuracy of AAK hydraulic needle valve hole was 1μm or less. I told Samuel that the shipment of AAK hydraulic needle valves has never been lower than the sample standard. The next day, Samuel sent us the PO of 1,000 hydraulic needle valves. After 45 days, AAK delivered 1,000 hydraulic needle valves.


Last week, Samuel sent an email saying that AAK hydraulic needle valves had been installed on the equipment for more than half a year, and no complaint was received. His boss would rather spend 20% more cost and must purchase the hydraulic needle valves with valve hole accuracy 1 μm for 100%. I told him that even if AAK hydraulic needle valve is used properly in another year, it will not get stuck.


Samuel was surprised at how AAK ensured 100% accuracy of the hydraulic needle valve hole within m? For the control of the manufacturing quality of hydraulic needle valves, AAK's 3 characteristics lead the majority of hydraulic valve manufacturers.

1. On the processing equipment, the valve hole is finished with the TAMIX one-time tool walking high-speed ultra precision honing mill imported from Japan, which is thoroughly ground without traces. In mass production, the wear-resistant SPA tool effectively ensures the stability of processing, and the valve hole accuracy is guaranteed to be 0.8-1.0μm and the surface roughness reaches Ra0.2-0.3. 


2. In the processing process, AAK has more than 10 years of experienced technicians with special machines and special personnel, who have engraved the dimensional accuracy of each element in their minds.


3. In terms of processing and inspection, after the valve hole is processed, Diatest small pore diameter high-precision measuring instrument imported from Germany is used to accurately measure each hydraulic needle valve hole, and the minimum measurement accuracy range can reach 0.1μm so as to ensure that the accuracy of each product meets the standard.


AAK hydraulic needle valve, high precision, no jamming, you can also try it! 

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