Components of new energy EV charging cable

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Components of new energy EV charging cable
Posting date : Jan 03, 2023
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Due to the characteristics and performance of the cable, it must be flexible enough to be easily used at all ambient temperatures and have a long service life. They should be environmentally friendly, recyclable and non-toxic. Generally, conductors are twisted for flexibility.

Of course, the conductors of the cable's internal structure are usually copper. Some wires and cables may use aluminum or tinned copper. There are also elastomer insulation and sheath. High voltage cables are usually steel or alloy cable cores and/or braided shields for strength and EMI protection. Some cables have coolant flowing in their internal pipes. There are usually some inert plastic fillers. Most fast DC charging cables also contain communication or signal lines, so the car and charging connector can interact.

Details: The key of electric vehicle charging cable is to conduct large current, usually under very high voltage, and keep the cable complete, safe and cool. The charging cable is used for the charging pile and charging connector, connecting the electric vehicle charging equipment and charging infrastructure, and transmitting electric energy for the electric vehicle. There are high requirements for performance. There are many different ways to do this. But most of them have the same elements.

In addition to the above basic elements, the charging cable must also be able to resist: water, oil, automotive chemicals and other solvents, natural factors (sun and weather - especially ultraviolet radiation, heat and cold, rain or ice damage), and human factors.

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