Tips for daily maintenance of charging pile cable

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Tips for daily maintenance of charging pile cable
Posting date : Feb 24, 2023
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1、 Regularly check the insulation performance of the circuit: generally, the charging pile cable with good quality has good insulation effect, but the charging pile cable may be worn under long-term use. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the charging pile cable, it is necessary to regularly check whether the charging pile cable insulation part is complete and whether the insulation effect is excellent, and the cable wires such as switches and sockets must not leak out, Only in this way can the safety and durability of the charging pile cable be guaranteed.

2、 Keep away from water sources and wet places: the charging pile cable is waterproof to a certain extent, but there will still be some potential safety hazards in too wet places. Therefore, the charging pile cable should be installed away from the water source to avoid short circuit caused by moisture. In addition, when moving the charging pile cable, it is necessary to avoid contacting the wet ground and water source, so as to ensure the safe use of the charging pile cable.

3、 Avoid overload: Now, professional charging pile cables in China have multiple sockets with different power, which can meet the charging requirements of electric vehicles with different power. However, in the daily use and maintenance, it is necessary to pay attention not to use too high power charger on a charging pile at the same time to avoid damage to the cable of the charging pile caused by excessive load.

The daily use and maintenance of the charging pile cable is the basis for ensuring safety and charging efficiency. Therefore, during use, attention should be paid to the following three points: regularly checking the circuit insulation, keeping away from water sources and wet areas, and avoiding overload. Only by doing these three points in daily use and maintenance can the service life of the charging pile cable be increased and the power safety be better guaranteed.

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