Description of the classification of new energy electric vehicle cables

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Description of the classification of new energy electric vehicle cables
Posting date : May 25, 2023
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Nowadays, with the popularity of new energy vehicles, charging cables, as one of the important components of new energy vehicles, are also receiving more and more attention. New energy vehicle cables need to have high strength, high conductivity, high durability, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance and other characteristics to meet the needs of users in different charging environments. At the same time, in order to ensure safety, new energy vehicle cables also need to meet relevant standards and requirements, such as UL, CE, CCC and other certifications. In the field of new energy vehicle charging, the quality and safety of the cable is crucial, so it is very important to choose a reliable quality charging cable.

Of course, high-voltage cable for high value-added and is a pure incremental market, will grow rapidly with the development of new energy vehicles. 2021 new energy vehicle production reached 354.5 million units, a growth rate of 159.5%, sales reached 3,520.1 million units, a growth rate of 157.6%. 2021 automotive cable in the new energy vehicle cable market size of about 1.540 billion yuan. With the vehicle manufacturers to increase investment in the field of new energy vehicles, automotive electrification has become a major trend, automotive cable will usher in a new growth point, it is expected that in 2025 China's automotive cable market size will reach 18.06 billion yuan.

Automotive cable local manufacturers are rising: automotive cable belongs to the car's safety parts, direct resolution of the car's safety performance, therefore, the car manufacturers of automotive cable supplier selection is very strict, the industry has a qualification barrier. In addition, due to the high quality requirements for automotive cable manufacturers, the industry also has technical and financial barriers.

Automotive cable industry entry threshold is high, the difficulty of new manufacturers to enter, making the market relatively concentrated. At present, the share of foreign-owned wire harness factory subordinate cable factory in the country accounted for a relatively high, but in recent years the domestic auto cable manufacturers R & D technology capabilities to enhance the production process level, good cost control capabilities to bring high cost performance, making the domestic auto cable manufacturers gradually into the supply chain system of foreign-owned or joint venture brand vehicle manufacturers, such as FOSS Group, Kabe billion two companies, the head trend is obvious.

With the operating pressure of independent brand sales accounted for an increase in demand for domestic wiring harness cable manufacturers is expected to increase, in this context, the rapidly expanding market cake is expected to be lower cost, faster response of local enterprises to seize.

The continuous popularity and development of energy vehicles, I believe that the performance of new energy vehicle cables will be further improved to provide users with a more high-quality charging experience. You can visit or search:

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