Automotive cables are an important part of automotive connectivity

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Automotive cables are an important part of automotive connectivity
Posting date : May 25, 2023
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Automotive cable is one of the important components of automotive electrical appliances

According to statistics, in 2021, China's automobile production and sales reached 26.0820 million units and 26.275 million units respectively. The development of the domestic vehicle manufacturing industry has led to the growth of the automotive wiring harness industry, as a connection to the electronic system of automotive cable demand and market size is also growing rapidly.

It is used for electrical power transmission, signal transmission and control of automobiles. As the interior of the car is a vibration, friction, ozone, oil, high heat, cold and electromagnetic radiation and other complex conditions of the work environment, requiring automotive cables with heat, cold, wear, oil and interference resistance and other functions to ensure the safety of car driving.

From the segmentation of the market, automotive cable according to the use, voltage, temperature, material has a variety of classification, which, according to the voltage automotive cable can be divided into low-voltage cable and high-voltage cable, respectively, for general automotive low-voltage cable and new energy vehicles power battery power transmission.

Unlike the traditional car engine required low-voltage cable, the power battery of new energy vehicles require high-voltage cable working voltage of 600V, or even 1000V, and need to consider high temperature resistance, shielding performance, corrosion resistance, thin wall, flexibility, and electromagnetic compatibility with the vehicle's electrical system and other factors. Therefore, the new energy vehicle high-voltage cable compared to the traditional automotive cable value is higher.

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