Automotive High Voltage Cable Shielding Comparison: Aluminum Foil vs Copper Mesh

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Automotive High Voltage Cable Shielding Comparison: Aluminum Foil vs Copper Mesh
Posting date : May 13, 2024
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Aluminum foil shielded and copper screen shielded cables have different characteristics, among which the following characteristics are introduced and analyzed:

First of all, from the perspective of shielding effect, aluminum foil shielding has a better shielding effect than copper mesh shielding in the low frequency range (usually 1 to 10 MHz). Aluminum foil can effectively shield electromagnetic interference inside the cable and prevent the influence of external electromagnetic fields. It has good electromagnetic shielding performance and helps to improve the quality of cable transmission. Copper mesh shielding is more suitable for applications in the high frequency range (usually above 30 MHz).

Secondly, through the explanation of technicians, from the perspective of processing and installation, aluminum foil shielding is easier to process and stick to the surface that needs to be shielded, which makes the cable more flexible and convenient during wiring and installation. In contrast, copper mesh shielding cannot be directly pasted like aluminum foil and requires special processing or production.

Of course, from a cost perspective, the price of aluminum foil shielding is relatively low, while the price of copper mesh shielding is higher.

Finally, from the perspective of application scenarios, aluminum foil shielding is mainly used to shield high-frequency electromagnetic waves to prevent high-frequency electromagnetic waves from contacting network conductors to generate induced current and increase crosstalk. This shielding method is often used in places with strong electromagnetic wave radiation or large electrical equipment such as hospitals and factories, as well as in areas with high network security requirements such as governments. Copper mesh shielding is mainly used to prevent low-frequency electromagnetic wave interference, especially when laying a large number of network cables in the same cable trough, it can reduce external interference between network cables. At the same time, when used inside new energy electric vehicles with complex environments, cable product parameter requirements need to be met.

To sum up, there are significant differences between high-voltage cable aluminum foil shielding and copper mesh shielding in terms of shielding effect, processing and installation, cost and application occasions. When choosing which shielding method to use, comprehensive considerations need to be made based on specific needs and conditions.

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