Performance testing of cooled charging connectors for electric vehicles

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Performance testing of cooled charging connectors for electric vehicles
Posting date : Jun 03, 2024
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Introduction: With the rise of the charging pile industry, charging guns as supporting equipment have also developed rapidly. As a charging device, the core function of charging guns is to provide electric energy for charging electric vehicles, so their performance is related to charging efficiency and safety. So after the design of the charging gun is completed, what performance tests need to be done to ensure the performance of the charging gun is qualified?

Introduction: There are three key points in testing liquid-cooled charging guns. The first is the output power stability. The charging gun should be able to stably output the set voltage and current to ensure the stability and efficiency of charging. The second is the charging speed. The charging speed of the charging gun is an important indicator to measure its performance, but the safety of the charging process should also be considered. The third is the safety protection function. The charging gun should have over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature and other protection functions to ensure that the power supply can be cut off in time under abnormal circumstances to avoid possible safety accidents.

Liquid-cooled charging gun inspection items and standards:

1. Appearance inspection: including whether the appearance of the charging gun is intact, whether there is deformation, damage and other problems

2. Insulation resistance test: detect the insulation performance of the charging gun to ensure that it can work safely under high voltage.
3. Electrical performance test: including output voltage, current stability test, input power test, etc., to verify the charging performance of the charging gun
4. Mechanical strength test: Through the mechanical strength test of the charging gun, evaluate its reliability and durability in actual use.
5. Electromagnetic compatibility test: Check whether the charging gun meets the relevant electromagnetic compatibility requirements to avoid interference with other equipment and systems

When conducting the above test items, it is necessary to refer to relevant standards to ensure the scientificity and uniformity of the test process. Liquid-cooled charging guns are widely used in high-power fast charging, so more attention should be paid to the performance test of liquid-cooled charging guns to ensure the qualification and safety of the products. Dongguan FaFaYi has been deeply engaged in the field of electric vehicle charging for a long time and has been continuously expanding in the field of liquid-cooled charging. We can provide 250/500A water-cooled and oil-cooled liquid-cooled charging gun cables. The products have passed multiple tests such as high temperature resistance, explosion resistance, and corrosion resistance, which can well ensure product safety and solve charging problems for customers.
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